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What You Need to Know about Ceiling Fan Installation

If you are thinking of a solution for the summer and winter, ceiling fans can be a perfect option. Homeowners are even using them together with or in place of AC. This is because they offer so many benefits such as reducing electricity costs, adding a design touch, and ambient light. While celling fan will come at a cost, it would be a perfect option. More info on handymate

The installation of ceiling fans is not as challenging as it may seem. While some people will hire a professional electrician to perform the installation, you can also do-it-yourself. All you need is to follow all the instructions and installation steps. At the same time, you will need to have all the important tools and materials for the DIY project to be easy and successful.

Whether you DIY or hire a professional electrician, there is cost involved. It would, however, be cheaper when you perform the installation yourself. But if you don’t feel confident about installing a ceiling fan, a home service marketplace such as handymate can help you find a reliable professional to do the job. However, there are several things that will determine the cost of your ceiling fan installation. Some of the factors will include the following.

1. The number of fans.

In most cases, electricians charge per fan. Therefore, the cost will be higher if you have more fans. Again, the cost will be higher if there are some old ceiling fans that should be removed before new ceiling fans are installed. When planning your budget, therefore, you will need to make such considerations. See bedroom interior

2. Location of the fan.

The location where you want the fan installed will also influence the cost. The cost will be lower if the box, connections, and wiring are already in place. Since less effort and time is required, it will cost less. But if the job is not straightforward, the cost will be higher due to the additional electrical work. Such electrical work will include wiring, connections, and switches.

3. Controls.

You can choose to control the ceiling fans with a wall switch or remote control. It would be easier to install remote-controlled ceiling fans since there is no need for additional wiring. As a result the job would be easier and the cost would be lower.

4. Height of your ceiling.

The height of the ceiling will also affect the installation cost. Additional fee might be required depending on the difficulty of accessing your ceiling.

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